Atrak Improvement Operations

Due to the growing number of hotels built in Mashhad and the change of guests' taste over the past years, dating back to 41 years, and designed for rooms and public areas of the hotel, hotel owners in 1375 began to develop and then rebuild the Atrak Hotel.
In the first step in 1375, the 8th, 9th and 10th floors were added to the Atrak Hotel and subsequently rebuilt in 4th and 5th floors in the first phase during the first 12 months of the year.
In the second phase of the reconstruction of classes 6 through 10, during the period from September to March 2013, the highest standards of design and use of the most quality of the hotel's materials were performed, among which a number of hotel rooms turned into luxury suites, royal duplex apartments and modern apartments. Facilities include a sauna and a Jacuzzi.
The third and final phase of the rehabilitation of the Atrak Hotel includes classes 1 to 3 and the lobby of the Atrak Hotel Restaurant, which we hope will be completed in the second half of 1397. In this way, the Atrak Hotel, with an exquisite and precious experience, will provide the services of the Atrak family guests. In the service of the Yavar of the Monoor Razavi Bar, as in the past, it will be.