Room reservation terms:

Part One - Definitions:

1- Reservation: Any maintenance and assignment of rooms (rooms, suites, apartments, etc.) in the hotel, for a specified time period is called a reservation.
B-Reservation applicant: A person who personally or on behalf of another person, by direct reference, or in writing by sending a letter, fax, hotel website or ... requesting a reservation for a specified period of time.
2- Bookkeeper: The hotel manager or his legal representative who has the permission to book the hotel and is responsible for and authorized to confirm and sign the reservation.
D-reservation subject: The place where the guest will be accommodated at the tourist accommodation (accommodation), including rooms, suites, apartments, etc., as stated in the request for reservation by the applicant.
3. Reservation time and time: The arrival date of the guest starts from 14 days of arrival and continues until the 12th day of departure.
4. Reservation amount (advance payment): The place of payment of the place as a prepayment is at the rate of at least the equivalent of the cost of a one-night stay, which must be paid by the applicant to the hotel's deposit account and the receipt for issuing the reservation book to the hotel reservation desk or delivery To be
5 - Waiter (Reservation Confirmation): To any written or electronic confirmation received by the Reservier for the applicant, they should be marked with the hotel's seal and all reservation specifications including the reservation subject, guest name, prepayment date, date Entry and Exit, ... and include the number and date.


Section Two - Terms of Reservation:

1) After submitting the initial request and declaring the advance payment by the hotel, the applicant must, within the specified time limit, proceed to the bank account of the hotel and pay a deposit or bank transfer to the hotel's fax number or to the e-mail Post a hotel.
2 - The hotel will be required to receive a confirmation of the amount of money collected and / or the deposit voucher and present a confirmation sheet to the guest after receiving the bank account image and making the reservation.
3 - Bookings without advance payment or without official correspondence and confirmation of the hotel is not credible and the hotel will not be responsible for it.
4 - The hotel will not be liable for the stay, delay, and cancellation of the traveler's travel arrangements. If the guests do not come to the hotel on the due date, the reservation will be subject to cancellation and cancellation terms.
5 - Equal to the tariffs of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism. Persons under 2 years of age are exempt from any expense. People between the ages of 2 and 6 years old are considered to be children. The price of extra persons for middle-aged children and for people over 6 years of age shall be the rate Will be fully calculated.
6 - The hotel rates for 9% VAT are added, if the tax rate increases, we will receive the difference in rates.


Part Three - Admission Requirements:

1 - The guest's arrival time at the hotel is not calculated and the hours of emptying the room before 12 noon and delivery of the room after 14:00.
2 - The guest must confirm the booking and the principal of the bank or bank transfer to the receptionist when entering the hotel.
3 - A photographer or National ID card must be present at the time of arrival, residence and observance of the Islamic regulations and hotel regulations.
4 - Room and room number when entering the guest and is determined by the receptionist and the hotel will not be obliged to book room and room number at the time of booking.
5 - hour delivery of the room after 14 o'clock and hours of emptying of the room by the guest before 12 o'clock. Upon request, the guest will be charged 50% for the duration of stay until 18:00, after which the full cost of one night's stay will be received from the guest.
6 - If the guests arrive before 14.00, the hotel will not be responsible for providing the room. Upon arrival, guests will be given a full night stay before 7 am and after that 50% of the full stay will be calculated per night. Also Upon request, the guest will receive 50% of the full cost of stay, and after that the full cost of staying at one night will be charged to the guest.
7. In case of accommodation, more people than the specified capacity of each room, including the payment of the person's surcharge and not subject to the availability of a bed or an additional service.
8 - The guest is obliged to proceed with the cancellation of the hotel at the end of the stay by the hotel at the time specified by the hotel and, if it is desired to be renewed, it will be possible in coordination and agreement of the hotel.


Section 4 - Conditions for changing and canceling reservations:

1 - Renaming the name with a reservation reservation will be valid and will not be charged.
2. Change the date if possible and empty the room on a new date without cost. Otherwise, the cancellation of the previous reservation and the reservation on the new date will both be governed by the provisions of the relevant clauses of the regulation.
3. If after booking the amount of the reservation and receipt of the confirmation letter for any reason the reservation of the applicant is canceled, the amount of damages to be paid by the guest (from the amount of the advance payment) shall be calculated as follows:
- Within the time limit between the issue of the leaflet and the booking confirmation, up to 48 hours before the arrival of the guest at the hotel (the official time of arrival in the room 14), 20% of the stay per night per room
Note - If the number of rooms booked is more than 5 rooms, the damages will decrease from 20% to 10%.
- Between 48 hours and 24 hours before entering the room, 50% of the stay per night per room
- From 24 hours before 12 noon on the day of arrival, 70% of the stay per night per room
- From 12 noon on the day of arrival, the full amount of the stay per night per room
4 - If the guest does not come to the hotel at the due time, the saved place is kept only for an empty nights and the placeholder's reservation from the day
4 - If the guest does not come to the hotel at the due time, the stored location is only kept for one night empty and the storage of the place will be canceled from the next day and the damages will be calculated based on the cost of one night per each room and the advance amount Payment will be deducted.
5. If the hotel reservation is canceled due to force majeure events (natural disasters and incidents outside the control and will of both parties), the funds received should be returned to the passenger in the same way.
6. If, after depositing the amount of the reservation and receipt of the confirmation card, the hotel is unable to provide the place on the basis of the confirmation, for reasons other than major cases, the hotel manager is obliged, with the consent of the guest, to provide another accommodation unit with the conditions and price The same applies to the guest and if the guest does not agree, he will refund the total amount received and draw the guest's consent based on the expert opinion.
7. In the case of bookings that are made by groups, agencies and agencies or travel agencies, a contract concluded between the hotel and the other party is the basis for calculating the conditions for cancellation of the reservation. If the contract is not signed or the conditions for cancellation of the reservation are not stipulated, the provisions of this regulation should be put into effect.