History and philosophy of hotel construction

In the years before the revolution, the Razavi Shrine was housed in non-hotel spaces, and few travelers in the hotel were also selected because of the lack of luxury hotels in Mashhad, which was generally the best choice at that time of your hotel (Homa 1) Was. However, the lack of respect for religious matters in your hotels has made the visitors of the city desperate to use a standard hotel with up-to-date services.
Mr. Ali Bagherzadeh Safarian, who was himself a contractor in the name of the Khorasan province during that period, and built permanent buildings such as the University of Mashhad Literature, Sina Hospital and dozens of other important buildings in Mashhad, with a proper understanding of this subject and special dedication The owners of the Khorasan real estate, decided to build a hotel with the services and standards of the day in the vicinity of the shrine.
He bought and assembled 13 pieces of land with a total area of ​​1,900 square meters and invited famous architects at that time. Engineers of Farrokh Iranshahr and Yadollah Ilkhani and Mr. Vahdati decided to design and construct the architecture and structure of the hotel Atrak in accordance with the most up-to-date standards of design and design. By inviting From the Miller construction company as the designer, the Atrak Hotel was completed in 20 months. At the end of the year, the Atrak hotel was opened as the first four-star hotel in Mashhad, with the presence of governors and authorities in the province.
The Atrak Hotel opened its doors with 145 rooms, parking spaces, 2 restaurants, coffee shops and other up-to-date hotels in its time. To this day, during its 41 years of operation, it has been proud to host more than 3.5 million pilgrims, loving the kindred Imam had.
And it is a great fortune that many of the hotel's Atrak guests have memorable moments of their childhood stay at this hotel. Today, with their presence, their children, and some of their grandchildren, they are the warmth of the Atrak family, which makes the Hotel Atrak limited. The hotels are proud to serve different generations of lovers of the Moon Razavi Shrine pilgrimage.